Not exactly an NFL fanatic, Matt Carkner will nonetheless be one of the few Senators pulling for the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday. One of the reasons is because his road roommate, Chris Campoli, grew up rooting for the Green Bay Packers. Just wouldn't be right for him to side with his roomie, he figures. Another is that he's a fan of Steeler Troy Polamalu. "I like his hair," Carkner said of the flowing locks worn by Pittsburgh's star safety. "I was going to go for that look, but it's tough under the hockey helmet." Campoli, of course, is taking the Super Bowl far more seriously. "It could get pretty intense between him and I," he said of Carkner, before adding: "Not physically intense, because I wouldn't win that battle." Jason Spezza, like Campoli, is going with Green Bay. Yes, it was another Pittsburgh defender — Penguins blueliner Kris Letang — who knocked him out of the Senators lineup for 15 games with a dirty check into the boards on Boxing Day. But that's not it. Spezza is a Cowboys fan, and as such he can't find it in himself to cheer for the Steelers.