Neither Miguel Cabrera nor Justin Verlander produced perhaps the most surprising stat on last year's Tigers. Quintin Berry might have nabbed that designation ... by never getting nabbed. In his rookie season, Berry stole 21 bases -- and never was caught stealing. Here is how distinctive that was, according to research through and SABR (Society for American Baseball Research): "Caught stealing" has been an official statistic in both major leagues for the last 62 seasons. Berry became the first rookie in those 62 seasons to steal at least 20 bases without getting caught. Berry knew little about American League pitchers he was stealing against, but he knew a lot about baserunning. He stole more than 250 bases in the minors. "I take a lot of pride in baserunning," said Berry, 28. "I pay a lot of attention. I feel like I have a lot of knowledge when it comes to what pitchers and catchers and managers are trying to do.