Did you read that quote up there? Do it again. Let it sink in. I was chatting with Michael Petrella (formerly of The Production Line) the other day about the Red Wings organizational development plan and how little faith the fans have in it to keep the team competitive. During that talk, a particularly interesting tidbit came up. Brendan Smith, who is just now a rookie, was drafted the same year as Patrick Kane, David Perron, PK Subban, Kevin Shattenkirk, and Max Pacioretty. Throw in Jamie Benn, Logan Couture, and Wayne Simmonds for good measure. A good number of them (all but Shattenkirk) have all hit at their mid-level payday. Many of them have the deals which will take them until they earn UFA status. Each of these guys is more-proven than Brendan Smith. If we wanted to have a little more fun, we could look at everybody from the 2009 class and see which guys have gotten more opportunity than Gustav Nyquist.