With at least a half dozen scouts in the stands, including former Cubs general managers Jim Hendry (Yankees) and Ed Lynch (Blue Jays), Jake Peavy insisted he did not feel any extra pressure as he earned his seventh victory of the season Saturday against the Braves. "That doesn't bother me. I just try to win," said Peavy, who is the subject of many trade rumors. "There are a lot of eyes on me, period. I was trying to win for (27,294 fans) who came to support us. Whatever the scouts see, they see. I love to play and I love to compete. I want to win, that's the bottom line." Peavy made his first start since June 4, when he cracked a rib against the Mariners and was placed on the disabled list. He allowed four runs (two earned) on seven hits while striking out three while throwing 96 pitches over six innings before scouts from the Red Sox, Rangers, Orioles, Mariners and Diamondbacks as well. "I didn't expect to have great feel; I didn't expect to have great stuff," Peavy said. "I didn't have either of those, but I expected to win. I wouldn't have pitched in the big leagues if I didn't (believe that). Fortunately the boys came up with some big hits and we were able to hold on." Manager Robin Ventura was clear about his wishes for the future of Peavy.