The White Sox's Paul Konerko says he was not called to play for Team USA as an injury replacement, but only because he wanted to be chosen in the beginning or not at all. The Royals' Eric Hosmer, a left-handed hitter, will replace the injured Mark Teixeira. Konerko said he originally agreed to play for Team USA if chosen, but "I also told them at that time that I'm on or off. I'm not an alternate. I don't want to come to spring training and have exactly what happen happened. So, I knew there was no chance of me playing the second that I wasn't on the team. "That was the deal, at least on my end of it. I just wanted to know if I was coming to spring training, either coming and leaving to go play for it or coming to spring training and being a White Sox the whole time. I wasn't going to be waiting to see if someone could go down and all of a sudden I have to change my plans." Q factor: No. 5 Jose Quintana improved to 2-0 this spring after going 3 2/3 innings against the Cubs on Thursday. Quintana did allow a run, a walk and a wild pitch but struck out four batters. "I'm trying to stay consistent, prepare myself for season and basically doing the same thing as the last start," he said through interpreter Lino Diaz. Quintana burst out of Double A last year to start 22 games with the Sox, but knows he has a spot this spring. "You don't look at him the same way as last year," manager Robin Ventura said. "You look at him as a little more mature than what you think. "Any time you see a kid going out with No. 62, it looks different but for us he's part of the plan.