Paul Konerko is the last active player of the 2005 World Series title team still playing for the Chicago White Sox. And Konerko needs only 33 home runs to catch Frank Thomas for the franchise record of 448 home runs and two hits to surpass Thomas for third place in hits. But Konerko did plenty to downplay his achievements and longevity with the Sox. "If you look at the past World Series teams, you probably find over a five-to-seven year period, guys get older and usually the winner of the World Series usually takes some older guys to begin with, so guys move on. I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. Hopefully we can make a run here and challenge for another one before I’m done playing here. But I don’t think about it too much. Until someone brings it up to me, it really doesn’t cross my mind. “ As for his milestones, "I got to where I’m at right now statistically as a byproduct of just going out and playing and doing it as right as I can, and the numbers happen when you’re doing that, whether it’s a week or month or season," Konerko said. "And multiple seasons, it adds up. It’s definitely not a goal that would make you play the game, put it that way.” Konerko, 36, said he doesn't think of himself as old but that he's occasionally reminded of it by a few players, most noticably Tyler Flowers. "I remember when I was coming up and there were guys when I was 21 or 22," Konerko said. "There were guys I played with that when I was 12, I remember seeing them on TV. Now, some of those guys come up to me and say when I was in junior high school, we went to one of your games and now they are on your team.