A day after Hawk Harrelson's on-air blowup over a missed call by first base umpire Angel Hernandez, the talk of the White Sox clubhouse was the "No! No! No! No!" diatribe from the longtime announcer. Hernandez is behind the plate for Saturday's White Sox-Marlins game, although nobody in the Sox dugout expects any blowback because of Harrelson's comments, such as "just flip a coin, Angel." "I try to talk to him, simple stuff. I don't make it a big deal," catcher Hector Gimenez said. "We're all human beings, they make a mistake, and today's a new day. See what happens." Hernandez has been a lightning rod for criticism not just in 2013, but for over two decades patrolling the field as a major league umpire. Earlier this month, Hernandez failed to overturn what would've been a game-tying home run, and drew more grievances for how he handled it afterward. So Harrelson may not have been overstating things when he yelled "another blown call by Angel Hernandez!" Friday night. While those in the White Sox dugout aren't privy to Harrelson's live broadcasts, they certainly appreciate the passion he brings.