Southern Mississippi’s football team has told former Baylor football coach Art Briles he will not be offered the position of offensive coordinator, sources said on Wednesday morning.

Sources said the reason USM officials told Briles he would not be offered the position was because of concerns over the NCAA’s investigation of both he and the Baylor football program.

Don’t buy it. School officials put their toe in the water, read the social media outrage, and bailed.

This latest flirtation by a school with Briles is as far as the coach has gone in the interview process. Previous places have made a few calls, and then dropped the subject.

The former Baylor coach, who was fired in May of 2016 amid a sexual assault scandal, has been out of college coaching since then. He was hired by a team in Florence, Italy last year.

Briles, 63, was in Hattiesburg, Miss. over the last two days. He met with head coach Jay Hopson, as well as the the university president and athletic director on Tuesday.

Hopson wanted to hire Briles, but was over ruled by the school’s administration. In a bold move, Hopson released a statement where he openly disagreed with the decision.