Plenty of people around the American south had hellish experiences over the past few days because of the snow and ice that wreaked havoc across multiple states. It would appear the South Alabama women's basketball team encountered more trouble than anyone on the road for sports reasons. The group was on a bus ride from their campus in Mobile, Ala., to Atlanta for the team's game against Georgia State. It took 24 hours to get there. The team left for Atlanta before the snow began to fall, and by the time it was on the road and getting fairly close to The A, it was much too late to turn back. Eventually, everyone on the team bus had to resort to walking in order to find a bed. They stepped into the lobby at team hotel at approximately 9:30 Wednesday morning, a full day removed from their departure. Normally, the trip from Mobile to Atlanta is approximately four and a half to five hours. "This trip is something you'll remember the rest of your lives and something you will share forever.," South Alabama coach Terry Fowler told The story is fairly amazing. The team began to look for lunch spots soon after it left on Tuesday morning; with the impending weather crisis, most were closed. Thankfully, a Chick-fil-A that was just about to close agreed to stay open and feed the team.