The major question looming as the NFL season winds down and the run to the NFL draft nears is whether Oregon quarterback Justin Herbert will declare for 2019. The answer is: None of my sources have heard anything.

This week, I asked a handful of people at Oregon and in the NFL what they were hearing. "Man, he's a weird dude. No one has heard a thing," is how one source with the Ducks put it. 

Herbert could be icing out those on the football staff to delay upsetting anyone until after the Dec. 31 Redbox Bowl against Michigan State, but surely teammates would know. Or at least the top agents, who have all been recruiting Herbert this season.

"It's super-quiet coming out of there. However, you know as well as I do, kids generally declare when sitting atop the draft," one of the top agents said. And he's right. Rarely does a Peyton Manning or Andrew Luck come along and stay in college while he's draft-eligible and considered the nation's best quarterback. 

Scouts, agents, teammates...there is no definitive word on if Herbert is going. What is definitive is NFL decision-makers believe he would be a top-10 pick should he declare. Said one longtime scout: "Same deal as [Mitchell] Trubisky. Maybe he wasn't 100 percent on coming out, but when you know you're going to be the first quarterback taken, you don't go back to school." 

Will he or won't he? For now, all anyone can do is guess. Even those inside Herbert's own locker room.