As their season has spiraled out of control, the New York Giants have begun to prepare for their future by focusing on potential franchise quarterbacks who could be available in this year’s NFL draft. There was a directive given several weeks back by co-owner John Mara to start looking closely at the top college quarterbacks, multiple sources told ESPN. This occurred around the time it became apparent that the Giants’ season was headed nowhere, in part, because wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. would be out with a broken ankle. Vice president of player evaluation Marc Ross, who runs the Giants’ draft, personally went to scout UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen in recent weeks, sources said. Rosen is among the nation’s top prospects at the position. Rosen (5), USC sophomore Sam Darnold (1) and Wyoming’s Josh Allen (6) are the quarterbacks in Todd McShay’s most recent Top 32 draft prospects. Louisville’s Lamar Jackson and Oklahoma’s Baker Mayfield, with a surge in recent weeks, are also highly regarded by scouts. Darnold may be the most intriguing option, but whispers in league circles are that he may remain at USC for another year. Rosen (personality) and Allen (level of competition) also come with questions. Jackson and Mayfield are nontraditional quarterbacks. Still, the Giants (1-7) are doing their due diligence. This close inspection of the draft’s top quarterbacks is necessary because they have a soon-to-be 37-year-old quarterback and are in the midst of their worst season in decades. They would have the third overall pick if the season ended today and are coming off a 34-point home loss to the Los Angeles Rams. That kind of draft pick would provide the Giants with options, and it would be irresponsible if they weren’t at least considering a quarterback. General manager Jerry Reese conceded earlier this year that Eli Manning was on the “back nine” of his career.