Muhammad Wilkerson has disrespected and embarrassed (in no particular order) his teammates, coaches, fans, trainers, the general manager and owner during his train-wreck, two-year run that has revealed what people should have seen long ago: No. 96 is neither a team leader nor a productive player worthy of any more chances. The Jets and Wilkerson are headed for a divorce this offseason, according to team insiders. “He’s gone,” a team source told the Daily News in the wake of Wilkerson’s first-quarter benching against the Chiefs last weekend. The overpaid underachiever refused to discuss his habitual tardiness to team meetings, his “leadership,” his play or the fans he’s duped during a 151-second exchange (abruptly ended by a team PR official) with the media Wednesday. A year after Wilkerson publicly apologized for missing a practice, the self-proclaimed team leader offered no accountability this time for his latest act of unprofessionalism. Maybe he got wind of the news: His days here are numbered. There’s simply no reason to trust this guy anymore. There’s a strong sentiment in the building that Wilkerson cannot — and should not — be a part of an organization so invested in remaking its culture. Some people are ticked off at Wilkerson’s repeated violation of team rules. Others have grown tired of Wilkerson’s disappearing act on gamedays, while picking up a Pro Bowl paycheck.