The NFL’s decision to relax its celebration rules has generally been well received. But one man who’s not a fan is Cincinnati Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis. You can read the entirety of Lewis’ quote here, but he said, in part, “that’s not a very good example for young people.” Commissioner Roger Goodell took Lewis’ point in stride, but he also expressed confidence that the league’s players will prove Lewis wrong. It can’t be stated enough that, over the years, Lewis’ teams have had (and still have) many players that would not be a called “a very good example for young people.” Even in relation to this issue, we have Chad Johnson. While Ocho’s ugly off field incident took place while a member of the Miami Dolphins, he was known for his dramatic end zone celebrations as a member of the Bengals. Lewis may not have been a fan of those, but he didn’t do much to stop them, either. So, why is all of a sudden now so concerned about what example end zone celebrations are setting? Excessive celebration penalties just miss the mark.