We knew Kendrick Perkins was no longer an altar boy. All the mf-bombs gave it away. Still, we didn't think the Thunder center was a knucklehead. Perkins, who spent time as an altar boy growing up, went home to Beaumont, Texas, this past week for his annual youth camp and foundation fundraiser. His foundation aims to help children learn drug awareness and life skills, and he once told me that his youth camp is one of the most important things that he does, paying for much of it out of his own pocket. But early Saturday morning, Perkins was arrested for public intoxication and disorderly conduct. The details? He was arrested after an altercation at a nightclub. When police arrived, they reported observing about 50 people around Perkins, who was attempting to fight the manager of the club. The Thunder's 6-foot-10, 280-pound center had to be pushed out the back door to defuse the situation, but according to police, he was yelling obscenities and fighting others in the crowd as he was being ushered from the club. OK, all of that by itself is embarrassing for a guy who's supposed to be in town raising funds for a foundation aimed at teaching kids drug awareness and life skills.