There is a certain group of baseball fans that love the traditional aspect of the game. It's America's pastime, it has a human element and it needs to be left alone. There are too many replays, the advanced metrics are clouding the game and the rules were made for a reason and are not to be challenged. 

Especially the unwritten rule of baseball fans that says you have to watch the game until the very last out, even if that last out comes at 1 a.m. in the 21st inning. 

The purists aren't wrong about the first two things. But that last thing, well, hear me out: The new extra-inning rule will be more beneficial for the game in the long run. 

In case you're not up to date with your rule book, MLB experimented with this rule in the minor leagues, as they do with most rule changes, before the pandemic shortened the 2020 season. The league implemented several notable rule changes ahead of last season, and the pandemic necessitated some of those changes and probably expedited others, like the universal DH and the rule that now puts a man on second base with no outs in every inning past the ninth. 

These rules were created in order to decrease the amount of time spent at the ballpark in the hopes of curbing the transmission of coronavirus. Vaccinations are on the rise and many teams are hoping to loosen their social distancing restrictions soon. But the pandemic is far from over so some of these rules are still in effect, at least until the danger of transmitting COVID-19 significantly decreases. 

The universal DH will be permanent once again. The extra-inning rule should be too.