George Karl was in the news for all the wrong reasons the past couple weeks, as the former NBA coach took shots at seemingly everyone he ever worked with in his upcoming book. And after the juiciest tidbits leaked, Karl looked upon the scorched earth at his feet and decided, "Yes, now is the time to voice the fact that I would like another coaching job, please." We have some bad news for Karl: After all this, he's probably not going to get that chance. NBA coaching gigs are a precious commodity, and franchises are looking to first-timers from the assistant and college ranks with increasing regularity. That's probably the right decision; fresh perspectives often lead to success (with some glaring failures among those coaching rookies, to be sure). For teams who prefer experience, however, here are seven ex-coaches not named "George Karl" who most deserve another look. Jeff Van Gundy, ESPN broadcaster Career NBA coaching record: 430-318 (regular season); 44-44 (playoffs) Last NBA head coaching job: Houston Rockets (2003-07) Van Gundy's return to coaching is really a matter of him picking the job he wants. He's been linked to multiple vacancies over the past few seasons, and he was one of the finalists for the New Orleans job that went to Alvin Gentry. On the other hand, JVG seems to enjoy what he does. The 54-year-old won't lower his standards for any old coaching gig. If the right one doesn't come up, so be it. Odds of a coaching return: 75 percent