J.R. Smith broke his silence on the Knicks’ release of his brother, Chris Smith, saying he “wasn’t happy” but is “over it.” J.R. said Thursday he and his brother were called into a meeting the day before Chris Smith was officially waived in which team president Steve Mills broke the news to the two of them. The Knicks cut the younger Smith to open a roster spot for big man Jeremy Tyler. “I wasn’t happy, but I couldn’t do nothing about it,” J.R. Smith said Thursday. Several of J.R.’s answers appeared rehearsed as he repeated several times he was just “worrying about the Spurs.” The inclusion of his brother on the roster created controversy, seen as nepotism and a potential package deal as Smith re-signed with the Knicks in the offseason. Because of an odd contract structure, Chris Smith already has collected $491,000 in guaranteed money. Most NBA minimum contracts don’t become guaranteed until Jan. 10. A photo posted to J.R. Smith’s Instagram account this week included the words: “You know the sad thing about betrayal? It never comes from an enemy.” “I’m not worried about Instagram,” J.R. said before the Knicks faced the Spurs in San Antonio. “I got to play the Spurs tonight and that’s my main focus.