Twins designated hitter Justin Morneau did not play in Friday's 5-4 victory over Tampa Bay, after fouling a ball off his right foot the night before in New York. Morneau was able to play the entire game Thursday in a 7-6 loss to the Yankees. He tried running on Friday but could only do so in a straight line. He took some early batting practice but was held out of regular BP as a precaution. "I don't want him to do anything silly," manager Ron Gardenhire said. "That's the foot he had surgery on." Morneau had a bone spur removed from the foot after last season. He's batting .267 with four homers and six RBI and has shown flashes of the old Morneau, including a two-homer game against the Yankees on Wednesday. Joe Mauer was the designated hitter Friday, while Ryan Doumit started at catcher. In handling Morneau, who battled concussion symptoms and underwent surgery on his neck, left wrist, left knee and right foot last year, the Twins will proceed on the side of caution as Morneau tries to make it through a full season. He was able to play first base on Monday for the first time all season and plans to gradually make more appearances there. Meanwhile, Gardenhire hopes Morneau will return to the lineup on Saturday. "I expect he'll be out there tomorrow,'' Gardenhire said. "It was hard enough for him tonight not to play."