The son of a former Green Bay Packers great is heartbroken after losing his father’s Super Bowl II ring at a gas station.

Mike Kostelnik is offering a $5,000 reward for the return of the ring that belonged to former Packers defensive tackle Ron Kostelnik.  

Mike and his family left their home in Sun Prairie to visit daughter Rachel at Indiana University in Bloomington last weekend.

His youngest daughter, Olivia, wanted to tour Miami University (Ohio) while on the trip, so she and Mike made the drive Sunday morning to meet friends at the school.

Mike had the ring when he got into his car in Bloomington and only made one stop along the way at a BP gas station in Greensburg.

“We don’t know what happened to the ring,” Mike said. “When we got to Miami, it was gone. I had taken it off my finger. When you wear that ring, it’s heavy. If your fingers are swollen in the morning, it’s a little hard to carry. So, I know I put it in the console (of the car). My daughter and I just don’t know what happened to it.”