Shohei Ohtani is the most exciting thing to happen to baseball since Benny pickled The Beast. Ohtani is a modern day Babe Ruth, which seems like a big deal since Ruth is on the Mount Rushmore of larger than life mythical sports figures who actually existed. That's how awesome Ohtani looks right now.

He is a position player in the team's starting rotation. If he had pitched enough innings to qualify, his 1.180 WHIP would be 38th in all of baseball. His 12.4 K/9 would be sixth. His 2.58 ERA would be 16th, right in front of Trevor Bauer.

He's also a pitcher so good at hitting that he plays the field between starts. He's currently leading the AL in home runs and triples, a feat no one has pulled off since Jim Rice in 1978. Before that Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays both did it in 1955.

So how do we save him from toiling in obscurity with the Angels? Ohtani has one year remaining on his current deal and will then hit arbitration after the 2022 season. Following 2023, at 29 years-old, he will be a free agent. The Angels will certainly wish to keep him because he is good for business. They can give him a huge deal and try to keep him on the only MLB team that he's ever known. Or will some other team step in and rescue him from possibly spend his historic career with the Angels?