Maybe you’ve noticed the not-so-subliminal messages the NFL has imprinted in end zones:

It Takes All Of Us.

End Racism.

What a noble cause, NFL. Colin Kaepernick is still blackballed (and joined this season by his silent-protesting pal, Eric Reid) but the league is trying to move the chains, so to speak, toward the end zone of progressiveness. There’s an inspiring marketing campaign. Millions of dollars in funding for social initiatives. Action plans. Statements. Even Roger Goodell is on video expressing that Black lives matter.

Now juxtapose that vibe with money that has flowed from several NFL owners toward political causes during this election cycle.

Talk about mixed messages.

According to a USA TODAY Sports analysis of donations from NFL owners, nearly 90% of the cash has supported candidates and interests of a Republican Party headed by President Trump – who this week again wouldn’t denounce white supremacy, has refused to acknowledge systemic racism, ordered an attack on peaceful protestors near the White House and has moved to end racial sensitivity training at federal agencies. Among other issues.