Troy Tulowitzki reported to the Rockies' spring training headquarters Monday eager to erase any doubts about his surgically-repaired left hip — more eager, even, than he's allowed to be. "I'm ready to go," Tulowitzki said from the Rockies clubhouse at Salt Rivers Fields. "As far as my schedule is concerned, I'm not too sure about it. Walt (Weiss) is the manager. I'll go at his pace, but it'll probably be slower than I'd like." Tulowitzki in July tore the labrum cartilage near his left hip and underwent surgery in August to repair it. He played in 91 games, hitting .340 with 21 home runs and 52 RBIs. "That's what I like to do is compete — at the highest level," he said. "What gets my blood flowing is competing out there in games. So I'm excited." If there are doubts about Tulowitzki's ability to return for a full season, they aren't his, he said. "The injury history is something I have to talk about because it is an issue and it's hurt me in the past. If there's anybody in this locker room who knows baseball and pays attention to it, it's definitely myself."