Every fiber of my being wanted to just write "You can't." and have that be this entire piece. In essence, that's what the present answer is when fans and media in other NHL markets ask the question: "What would it take to get Jack Eichel?"

In fairness though, I understand all of it. If I were in Boston, Montreal, Carolina, anywhere really, I'd be thinking about what it would take to get Eichel too.

Realistically, there is no way in hell Eichel is getting traded right now. At this point, all of the talk about his being frustrated with being with the Sabres is just speculation. Nothing concrete. The lack of things to talk about in the NHL due to COVID-19 is certainly a factor in the Eichel trade talk as well.

For the fans of other teams that want to have some fun thinking about an Eichel trade, fine, here's what your trade should look like. You'll quickly pick up on why Eichel won't get traded, because most won't want to give up what it actually should cost.

To me, that cost is a young No. 1 center and something of significance.


You don't have it:

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