Mike Shanahan raised eyebrows Monday when he told reporters he was considering sitting Robert Griffin III for the rest of the season. The Washington Redskins coach said Griffin was taking too many sacks and reasoned that keeping the quarterback healthy was a priority ahead of the team's offseason program. Shanahan told reporters that he had discussed the option with Daniel Snyder, and, according to a Tuesday report in The Washington Post, the owner won't stand in the way on the issue. "He won't step in and interfere with that," a person familiar with the situation said, speaking to the Post on the condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the topic. "He's not going to step into a personnel decision that way." The relationship between Griffin and Snyder has been cited as a main reason for tension between Shanahan and Snyder. Shanahan said Monday that he and the owner "get along quite well," though all indications point to the coach being shown the door, either at the end of the season or before.