Rodney Hood, who left Friday's loss in Minnesota with a calf injury, did not play Saturday night when the Utah Jazz hosted the Oklahoma City Thunder in their Northwest Division showdown. But the Jazz revealed some relatively good news regarding Hood's injury situation. MRI test results showed that Hood has a mild left lower leg strain, the team announced Saturday afternoon. Hood's test was taken at the University of Utah Health Care's Orthopaedic Center. Some feared the worst for Hood on Friday night after he stepped on Karl-Anthony Towns' foot. Hood immediately winced and reached toward the back of his left foot, making some wonder if he'd sustained an Achilles tendon injury. Adding to the concern, Hood was then carried off the court by teammates. The team later diagnosed his injury as a left calf strain. Jazz coach Quin Snyder said he takes a wait-and-see approach with injuries, so he might not have freaked out as much as others. “I’ve kind of conditioned myself to not jump to conclusions about those things one way or the other,” Snyder said when asked about being relieved the injury wasn’t worse. “Sometimes when they don’t look as bad, you kind of feel like, ‘Oh, it’s not that bad,’ and then it ends up to be worse. “That said, obviously we are all really pleased that it’s not something that is going to impact his season the way, for instance, Dante (Exum)’s injury has his.” Exum will have surgery to repair his separated left shoulder Tuesday in Los Angeles. It’s unknown how long either injured Jazz player will be out.