For Chris Snyder, hanging on to a baseball career means driving 100 miles per hour up Interstate 95 from the Washington Nationals' spring training complex in Viera, Fla., to Orlando International Airport, telling your wife and three kids to meet you back in Phoenix the next day, cramming to learn the Angels' pitching staff in two weeks, and remembering to breathe in between. The crazy thing is, Snyder knew it might happen. "My family had just gotten down (to Florida) three, four days ago," he said Tuesday. "I told my wife, 'don't unpack too much because we might be going somewhere else, either down the road in Florida or in Phoenix.' "So we got word that the Nationals, the two guys they had - (Kurt) Suzuki and (Wilson) Ramos - they're both good and they were going with them. They left it up to us to pursue other opportunities out here." A 2002 draft pick by the Arizona Diamondbacks, Snyder and his family have lived in Phoenix for eight years. The call from the Angels, who signed the 32-year-old catcher to a minor-league contract Monday, was a welcome inconvenience. The Angels' PR staff printed out three-page bios of Snyder to distribute to the media Tuesday. The first bullet point under the "career summary" section reveals why the Angels wanted Snyder so badly: His .9976 career fielding percentage is the highest by a catcher in Major League history over a minimum of 500 games.