Snoop Dogg first gained popularity through his extremely catchy music. Recently the hip-hop artist turned to his second love, video games. Several artists and musicians have turned to streaming or Let’s-playing their favorite games. Snoop Dogg is no Twitch top streamer but he has a commendable 229k followers on his personal Twitch channel. Unfortunately, when his fans turned into a recent stream of Madden NFL 21, they were treated with 15 minutes of gameplay before the artist shut off his console and walked away from the camera.

The Madden stream in question was ironically titled “Sit Back, Relax, and Chill it’s a vibe in here.” A number of unfortunate plays caused Snoop Dogg to absolutely lose his cool. Following numerous swearing spells, the rapper turned off the console and left the stream. Streamers ragequit all the time but Snoop Dogg left his dead stream going for over seven and a half hours. The archived version of the stream on the Twitch channel currently boasts a viewership count of a little over 200,000.