It’s OK for the Red Sox to gawk, to admire and even admit to lust in their hearts. How could they not? Giancarlo Stanton is only the best pure power threat currently residing on the planet, an almost cartoonishly chiseled modern-day sultan of swat. Of course the Red Sox will explore the notion of trading for him as soon as the Marlins, seemingly inevitably, put him on the market. But as desperate as the Sox are for power — yep, they need it baaaaaad — they have to take that proverbial cold shower in order to stand firm and resist the temptation of trading for the Stanton model. There are alternatives. Say hello, free agents J.D. Martinez and Eric Hosmer. And we’ll get to those just-say-no-to-Stanton reasons soon but on the face of it, the rationale for the Red Sox turning their back on Stanton sure is counterintuitive. This won’t be easy. As luck would have it, “Drooling for Stanton,” this offseason’s branding opportunity, began in earnest last night before Game 2 of the World Series when the Marlins slugger supreme stopped by in street clothes to accept his second Hank Aaron Award for best offensive player in the National League. With 59 home runs, 132 RBI and a .631 slugging percentage, Stanton was an easy choice for the voters. He’s probably going to win the NL MVP as well, another occasion which will give members of the media the excuse they found last night to ask him about what’s up with him this offseason. Stanton has a full no-trade clause in his contract, you see, so there’s a game he and the Marlins and their new owner, Derek Jeter, need to play. The Marlins aren’t close to winning and they’re also hamstrung by the heavily back-loaded $295 million remaining on Stanton’s contract that does not expire until 2027, although there is an opt-out for him after 2020.