Indiana Pacers forward Danny Granger went into Friday's game against the Memphis Grizzlies with a higher scoring average (18.3 ppg) than recently named Eastern Conference All-Stars Luol Deng (Chicago, 16.0) and Andre Iguodala (Philadelphia, 13.0) and only percentage points lower than Atlanta's Joe Johnson (18.6) and Boston's Paul Pierce (18.4). The Pacers also went into Friday with a better record than Boston and Atlanta. Granger isn't blaming anybody, but he knows his slow start cost him a spot on the All-Star Game roster. "Across the board, if you want to compare numbers, my numbers are probably identical to Joe Johnson's minus my field goal percentage," Granger said. "That's what did me in, the first 10-15 games. I'm not worried about it." At one point, Granger had the lowest field-goal percentage among the 106 players who qualified in that category. Granger has shot somewhat better of late, but he went into Friday still 103rd in the league in field goal percentage at 37.5 percent, the lowest of his seven-year career. Granger didn't waste any time making his All-Star weekend plans. He immediately booked a trip to the Bahamas once he found he wouldn't be making his second All-Star appearance.