Maybe the Knicks should seriously consider trading half the roster. Hey, it’s worth a try. And if there is a way for management to acquire heart and pride for the club, by all means now is the time. “You can go out and trade for anybody,” Carmelo Anthony said, “if they don’t come in here and give you the effort, that’s defeating the purpose.” Effort, heart and pride are three qualities the Knicks were sorely lacking Wednesday night as Mike Woodson’s reeling team was embarrassed by a more athletic and disciplined Indiana Pacers team. The final score, 125-91, doesn’t even begin to tell the story how the Knicks were utterly outclassed and outworked. “We didn’t compete tonight,” Anthony said. “You can just sum it up that way.” “We didn’t show up,” Woodson added. “They whipped our (butt) from beginning to end. It’s unacceptable. I mean, we just didn’t compete. And that’s on all of us.” The no-show performance on the eve of the NBA trading deadline will undoubtedly have the Knicks’ reclusive front office considering changes. Woodson and Anthony seemed to believe the Knicks will stand pat, which is a phrase that can also describe how they have defended lately. The Knicks not only look old but also slow and disorganized as well. The latter is a reflection on Woodson, whose players have a tendency to complain, moan and turn ugly once they face a physical club. Read more: