Since Kevin Durant first entered the league in 2007, NBA analyst Skip Bayless has been one of his biggest fans. In OKC, Golden State, and even in Brooklyn, Skip has defended and supported Durant's every move.

But after making some questionable comments to the media about his teammates and the lack of talent surrounding him, Bayless couldn't side with the 2x Finals MVP on this one.

Speaking on Undisputed Thursday morning, Mr. Bayless ripped Durant for essentially throwing his teammates under the bus.

"I could be wrong about this, but I don't believe anybody in sports media has defended Kevin Durant more than I have. I have defended him as the best player on the planet even though he has taken shot after shot at me and took one the other day. He is taking shots at you, he is taking shots at everybody. He constantly bites the hand that has fed him an MVP back in 2014. I've been KD's staunchest defender, but I thought everything he said in both of these interviews was pathetic. I thought his comments about why he demanded a trade were pathetic.