Luka Doncic has proved a number of his doubters wrong this postseason. Those that accused him of not being a winning player are eating humble pie at the minute, with Doncic destroying the Phoenix Suns in Game 7 of the Western Conference Semifinals to take his team one series win away from being in the NBA Finals. 

At the age of 23, Luka is already a 3-time All-Star and 2-time All-NBA First Team selection. Conversations are being had about whether he is the best player in the game. But there is one person that simply isn't convinced by Doncic still, and that is Skip Bayless. 

Skip is a known hater, someone that will push an agenda to its limits if he's not fond of a player, as evidenced by his dislike for LeBron. He even called out LBJ for doing commercials recently. And Luka seems to be on his bad side as well, with Bayless saying on Undisputed that he thinks Doncic isn't in the conversation for the best player in the world at the moment.