Before the Washington Redskins put themselves in position to draft Robert Griffin III they wanted another quarterback: Peyton Manning. And Manning was interested enough in them that he scheduled a meeting with coach Mike Shanahan. But two years later Shanahan knows it was probably a long shot. With brother Eli Manning playing for the New York Giants Shanahan knew it would be tough. It was a notion suggested at the time; it's one that Shanahan says was true -- at least after talking to Peyton Manning. “I really had a strong feeling after talking to Peyton” Shanahan said. “Any time you have a brother within the same division that wasn’t going to happen. And so even though I enjoyed spending time with him my gut was understanding from a family standpoint it would be very tough to come within the same division.” It also became irrelevant after the Redskins traded for the No. 2 pick in the draft putting them in position to select Griffin. “That sort of changed things” Manning said. Still the two sides met in Denver the weekend after they made that trade.