Can it be called a return if he hasn't played a game outside of Philadelphia yet? Andre Iguodala, he of the last eight seasons on the Sixers, will come back to the Wells Fargo Center on Opening Night, this time wearing the Denver Nuggets gold and powder blue. Iguodala has been a subject of aggravatingly heated debate among Sixers fans over the last decade and his return could spark something of a divide between fans at the game. We've long supported Iguodala despite wanting him to be traded for the last few seasons and have already given our reasons why booing Dre tonight is extremely irrational. Not that Philadelphia fans or fans in general are known for their forward thinking and sound logic. Dre has already taken to thanking fans on his website and the Sixers organization will respond by playing a tribute video before the game tonight. Classy moves from everyone -- hopefully the WFC attendees will respond to that.