Danny Green was talking about coming back to complete “unfinished business” in Philadelphia when the topic switched to Ben Simmons. Green has been keeping tabs on all the trade rumors, but the veteran wing doesn’t know for sure if Simmons will be his teammate in 2021.

He hasn’t heard from the Sixers’ starting point guard since the Fourth of July weekend. It hasn’t been due to a lack of effort. Green sent a few text messages to him that went unanswered, although part of that has to do with Simmons being more of a FaceTime guy than a texter.

Green was also intentionally trying to give the three-time All-Star his space as he looks to heal “mentally and emotionally.” Sometimes players need time to breathe and digest everything going on. He’ll reach back out in the coming weeks.

“It depends on the teammate, it depends on the person,” Green told reporters on Thursday. “I think with Ben the right move was to give him some space early on. It’s not about him healing physically, it’s more about him healing mentally and emotionally to where he can refresh himself, reset, and come in and re-identify himself.”