The Sixers played the Cavaliers in November when Kyrie Irving was hurt. A scrappy Gonzagan guard started in his place and torched the Sixers "defense" for 28 points on 11-19 shooting for a 92-83 Cleveland victory. They may as well have offered Jeremy Pargo a max contract right then and there. They didn't, but in the most obvious move in the history of obvious moves, they've signed him to a 10-day contract after letting Shelvin Mack's second 10-day lapse. SHELLLLVINNNNNNNNNNNN! People in Philadelphia are literally over the moon about J-Pargs. Fake movie fake movie posters have already been made, I heard they're painting a billboard for him, and he's already been handed the key to Philadelphia and West Baltimore under the Carcetti ticket. We're hearing things about J.P. Batista and Derek Raivio nearing max contracts from the Sixers as well.