No one expected the Sixers to beat the Miami Heat. We’ll start there, with the truth. Because when you start there, with the truth, everything else sounds like what it is -- spin. The Heat came to Philly having won many games in a row. The Sixers welcomed them to the Wells Fargo Center having lost many games -- though, in fairness, not all were in a row. What a glaring juxtaposition between the first-rate and the forgotten. Before Wednesday's game, Miami head coach Erik Spoelstra -- who has the best job in sports behind third-string quarterback -- tried to make it sound like the Heat aren’t as good as you think and the Sixers are better than you believe. It was amusing (if disingenuous) stuff. Spoelstra said “the challenge” for the Heat is that “night in, night out” they have to “rev up those engines” in order to “take the game” to their opponents. Man, yeah, what a challenge. Except it wasn’t -- not really. Miami beat the Sixers, 98-94. Oh, sure, the score was close, but the Heat still won and the Sixers still lost. The end result, that thing that matters most, was as unsurprising as everyone anticipated.