After sitting out the entire season to rehab, Nerlens Noel is beyond excited to play for the Sixers when summer league action begins. Noel will join other rookies, second-year players and free agents when the Sixers field a team for the Orlando Pro Summer League, which runs from July 5-11. The organization will also take part in the Las Vegas Summer League from July 11-21. Noel insisted on Tuesday’s edition of Philly Sports Talk that he will participate in both events. “Most definitely, I will be an active participant,” Noel said via Skype. “I am really excited. It has been a long time since I have been able to play in an organized basketball game. I am just going to step out there and do what I have been doing my whole life. “I think I will be nervous because it has been awhile since I played but I think it will be an excited nervous. I will be anxious when the ball goes up, but I will want to settle into the game. I am here where I am today because I stay true to what I do.” Noel tore his left ACL on Feb. 12, 2013. He had is knee surgically repaired in March of that same year and opted to enter the NBA draft instead of returning to Kentucky.