With the Sixers at 15-39, the guessing game on who they will take in the upcoming draft has already begun. While that is just what it is -- guessing -- Chad Ford of ESPN recently offered his take on who he thinks the Sixers like more out of the two stellar freshman, Dukes' Jabari Parker and Kansas' Andrew Wiggins. When asked in a chat if the Sixers were still leaning towards Wiggins over Parker, Ford said that they were: Yes. As are a lot of teams. Parker is a more polished offensive player, but Wiggins length, athletic ability and upside set him apart. NBA guys aren't really paying attention to the box scores. They are looking for the types of attributes that could make a player dominant at the next level. Wiggins has many. Even his biggest weakness (that he can be passive at times) has started to dissipate. He's been much more aggressive trying to create his own shot off the dribble. He's got to be a better finisher at the rim and continue to improve his three point shooting, but his upside is huge. Parker will also be a great NBA player and is better right now. But in 5 years, most teams are still betting on Wiggins. But remember we still have a few more months before the draft. With neither the college season or the NBA season over, it's safe to say that even if the Sixers do like Wiggins more than Parker now, it could change. If they do like Wiggins over Parker, however, it would certainly be a pick of potential over proven skill set.