The news – the latest version, anyway – was initially expected on Thursday. So much for that. It appears that everyone must wait for Andrew Bynum. Again. That should not come as a surprise. Bynum visited a knee specialist in New York City on Thursday. On Wednesday evening, there were indications that any updates on Bynum's health would likely be pushed back to Friday, or possibly later. That's how it has gone with Bynum. He always seems just beyond the Sixers' reach – his oversized talent teasing them from the crest of a nearby horizon. There was a recent report that the Sixers are already tired of the interminable delay and have begun talking to other teams about unloading Bynum before he ever steps on the court for them. No one else has confirmed the story or even hinted that it might be true. And yet it is out there. And so we will address the speculation with an unambiguous declaration: The Sixers should not trade Bynum. Not now. Not anytime soon. The Sixers should keep waiting. Not doing so would be a major mistake. The team's brief relationship with Bynum has been a frustrating mess so far. There's no denying that. The setbacks. The bowling incident and the pop-a-shot outing. The outlandish statement about how the Lakers traded the No. 1 center in the league (Bynum) for the No. 2 center in the league (Dwight Howard). It's all been maddening. But this is no time for the organization to suddenly give up and set fire to their carefully mapped plan.