It looks like Philadelphia 76ers forward Tobias Harris is enjoying the waning days of summer and doing a good job keeping himself busy, and clear of any of the Ben Simmons drama.

Not only has Harris seemed to relish in the temporary absence of the daily grind of an NBA season, but he’s apparently doing his best to keep up with the top competition in basketball, while mixing it up with one of the biggest names in Hollywood from the last quarter-century.

“Adam Sandler pulled up to hoop with Trae Young, Tobias Harris, Aaron Gordon, Jordan Clarkson, + more,” Hoop Central tweeted, followed by a fire emoji.

There’s a lot to keep up with in this 44-second clip, but aside from Harris, Sandler, Young, Gordon, and Clarkson, another familiar face to make a brief appearance is former Sixers great Boban Marjanovic. At first thought, NBA fans may think that, amongst all of the other NBA stars, Marjanovic may seem out of place, but of course, wherever Harris is, his best buddy Boban will follow.

Harris is among a handful of members of the 76ers that will be appearing in an upcoming Netflix movie of Sandler’s titled Hustle.