Ben Simmons does not like to talk about his flaws, and it seems that the 76ers front office and head coach are taking the same approach.

Despite multiple questions regarding Simmons and what is expected of him in postseason interview sessions, there wasn’t much more clarity from the players, general manager Elton Brand, managing partner Josh Harris, and coach Brett Brown over the last two days than there was before.

Every time Simmons is asked about his lack of a jump shot and his plans to expand his offensive game, his default move was to give one-word answers that did little to show that he cares and that there is a plan and that he has the same expectations for his career as those around him.

Does Simmons expect to expand his game beyond the paint?


How does he plan to make that a reality?


That’s what Simmons said Monday. He has said that before, and yet this season, he shot the ball less from any kind of distance than he did in his rookie season.