What a mess. So much has changed so quickly. Last Thursday, the Philadelphia Inquirer ran a story that said the Sixers secretly hope Doug Collins doesn’t come back next year. Both the Inquirer and CSNPhilly.com reported that returning next season to serve the final year of his contract (reportedly at $4.5 million) would be up to Collins. On Friday in Washington D.C., Collins refused to answer questions about his situation while insisting he “absolutely” feels supported by the organization. And then, following the Sixers final home game on Sunday, Collins’ agent, John Langel, told reporters that Collins would be “here for another year at least” and that “I expect him to be here coaching.” And around and around we went. While our heads were spinning, Collins evidently informed the Sixers that he’s done and won’t return next season. That was first reported by Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski and then confirmed by CSNPhilly.com. Once more, but this time with added emphasis: What a mess. Even for an organization that has always been really good at self-destruction, this is an impressive implosion by the Sixers. The team’s current slogan should be tweaked and replaced. A suggestion: the third-most disasters and third-most embarrassing gaffes in NBA history.