In the City of Brotherly Love, Sixers head coach Doug Collins has received none following a post-game rant that would go viral, 10 minutes of sports-radio fodder that will resonate for weeks, perhaps even months as his fate in Philly is suddenly on the front-burner. Instead, what Collins received was plenty of flak for his emotional, raw and completely unscripted, unfiltered comments that cut to the very essence of today’s NBA game. No coach, no matter his reputation or cache, can win without quality players. No coach can possibly refrain himself from completely going off the handle when so much frustration and misery is allowed to fester, the expected residue when today’s ego-driven hoopsters can’t summon the effort required for any tip. And so Collins would reach the end of the rope, the tipping point arriving during a home loss to lowly Orlando. Collins, who has never lasted more than three seasons during any of his previous three coaching stints, isn’t the best coach in the NBA — but he’s not the worst, either. He’s an old-school coach who has this reputation for not being able to relate to today’s player, which isn’t completely true. He wears his heart on his sleeve and what Collins did should be applauded and not criticized. He was pointing fingers and perhaps Collins has lost the dressing room, but his fury was completely understandable.