Michael Carter-Williams knows it’s going to be tough. As a rookie point guard who just had his 21st birthday the 6-foot-6 185-pounder is ready for the pounding. He expects the opposing teams to get aggressive with him and make him work for every inch on the court. In Friday night’s 97-85 victory over the Boston Celtics at the University of Delaware’s Bob Carpenter Center veteran Avery Bradley was gunning for Carter-Williams from the jump. In fact at one point during the first quarter Bradley had been clutching and grabbing Carter-Williams so much that his shirt tail had come out of his shorts and was flapping in the breeze. “I thought he was exceptional” Sixers head coach Brett Brown said. “Each game I see him he does something that gets you even more excited. You hear about his potential and you think you know and then all of a sudden you see him against arguably the best perimeter defender and he was physical and Michael didn’t back down. He went by him and I thought that his performance tonight against a very physical defender was excellent.” It was rough too. But Carter-Williams has stood up to the test. In three preseason games including battles against Bradley and the Oklahoma City Thunder in England Carter-Williams has committed just one turnover. In Friday night’s game against the Celtics Carter-Williams had zero turnovers in 30 minutes. The rookie had six points on six shots with six assists and six rebounds against the Celtics. He also added a steal and was a plus-21. He had no trouble finding Thad Young (20 points) Spencer Hawes (17 points) or Evan Turner (12 points nine rebounds) as the Sixers rolled. “I think I’m picking my poison a little bit” Carter-Williams said. “I’m taking smarter chances and trying to squeeze some passes but only once in a while. I try to make the simple play a lot and so far it’s been working.” The 11th pick in last June’s draft Carter-Williams was highly regarded for his athleticism and size as a point guard though his shooting is a bit suspect. Moreover rail thin and young some felt Carter-Williams would have trouble with the older and stronger guards in the NBA. After all every point guard goes through some growing pains especially rookies.