The return of Joel Embiid from COVID-19 means we won’t be seeing Andre Drummond in a starting role for the Sixers, but he does deserve a hat-tip for the job he did in Embiid’s absence. Drummond, in 10 starts this season, has logged a modest 8.6 points but has been, as usual, a terror ono the boards, pulling down 13.9 per game. He’s also averaged 1.5 blocks, playing 28.9 minutes as a starter.

Considering the Sixers got him on an NBA veteran minimum contract worth $2.4 million, Drummond is a bit of a bargain. But will he remain a bargain? Former Grizzlies front-office executive John Hollinger does not seem to think so.

In an early ranking of 2022 NBA free agents, Hollinger expected that Drummond would get somewhat more expensive going forward.

“Everyone dunks on Andre Drummond for what he isn’t,” he wrote, “but his tenure in Philadelphia this year has reminded people of everything he can do — rebound like crazy, provide some quick feet on the perimeter and operate respectably out of the elbows. Centers are permanently out of favor, and that will limit his market, just as it did a year ago, but he has a chance to get paid as a starter.”