Don't get me wrong. I'd rather have a successful Major League team and a crappy farm system instead of an uninspiring Major League roster and a great farm system. But on the other hand, if you're going to have that Major League team be uninspiring then it's nice to be able to look to the minors and think: "It's not going to be this way forever. We're not the Pirates." With the unveiling of their Top 100 prospect list, Baseball America - the game's most widely respected minor league establishment - reiterates what a number of us have been thinking about since the Twins traded away both of their center fielders two months ago: Minnesota's farm system is suddenly looking healthy. Very healthy indeed. Having six players on this list ties Minnesota with the Cardinals and Marlins for representation. Here's who ranked and where they're ranked, along with BA's scout ratings (on the 20 to 80 scale).