Considering the lack of recent free-agent activity, you’d think that NHL teams are done for the offseason. However, if you merely peek at the robust list of remaining restricted free agents, you’ll notice that the Canucks and other NHL teams still have some enormously important work to do.

(Just imagine how stressed out NHL teams would be about big-name RFAs if offer sheets came along more often than unicorns.)

Truly, there are a wide range of possibilities for upcoming contracts between RFAs and their NHL teams. Some might prefer “bridge deals,” either to test the free-agent market or to bail on terrible situations (or both). Others may be more-than-willing to go the maximum eight years with their next contracts.

Let’s take a look at how some of the most prominent NHL RFA situations could play out.

Pettersson and Hughes: Two challenging RFA situations for the Canucks

On the ice and during offseasons, a lot has changed each year for the Canucks. Yet, if there’s been one refrain — even through the bleaker moments — it’s been, “At least the Canucks have Hughes and Pettersson.”