Alright, so now that the initial rush is over and our feelings have (sorta, kinda) subsided, have the Flyers helped themselves be reacquiring Simon Gagne from the Los Angeles Kings? There are a few different schools of thought here. Argument 1: It doesn't matter. You could easily make the argument that the Flyers aren't winning a Cup this year anyway, so really, what does it matter? I find that argument to be a little silly considering the Flyers *did* give up some value here. A fourth-round pick is valuable, and if the Flyers make the playoffs, this turns into a third-round pick -- yes, even if they get swept in the first round, which is about the same as missing the playoffs in my book. There's risk for the Flyers, but I'm okay with that risk. Ultimately, you can't exclude the sentimentality factor here, the fact that Simon Gagne tshirts and Simon Gagne jerseys will be purchased by Flyers fans between now and the end of the season. That might not matter on the ice, but it matters. It matters both in terms of general excitement about the team in a year that hasn't seen much excitement and in terms of actual dollars coming into the organization. Argument 2: Gagne hurts the Flyers. I don't particularly understand this argument either, but it's there. You can argue that he's not worth the draft pick, but the chances we miss that draft pick when all is said and done are relatively slim. You can argue that he'll take a roster spot away from a younger player, but if he's not contributing, it's not hard to just sit him. The Kings did it, and then they traded him. See how that works?