Not even the publishing world is safe from the effects of the heated Louisville Cardinals-Kentucky Wildcats rivalry. Kentucky's John Calipari recently said he refused to alter the title of his new book after his publisher, HarperCollins, told him it might generate controversy because it resembles the title of a book Louisville's Rick Pitino wrote in the 1990s. On Wednesday, John Calipari tweeted praise for the contributors to his new book, "Success Is the Only Option: The Art of Coaching Extreme Talent," which will be released on Nov. 15. In 1997, Pitino wrote "Success Is a Choice: Ten Steps to Overachieving in Business and Life." Calipari said his publisher asked him to change the title to differentiate his book from Pitino's. He would not. He said he'd already changed the original title -- "Coaching Extreme Talent: Failure Is Not An Option" -- and did not want to make additional changes.